Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.


Below are the more common questions answered. If however your query is not resolved in the below FAQ’s please don’t hestitate to contact us

What if my numbers exceed 25?

Please let us know, it may be necessary to book an assistant to help with the larger group.

Who is responsible for the children at a party?

Simple answer is you the organiser if the parents are not present. The entertainer will take charge of the entertainment, but is not responsible for dealing with very bad or rude behaviour or if children get very upset. It’s better for the party if parents or the host deals with such instances so the rest of the party can continue.

Can I have a bouncy castle?

Our parties provide enough entertainment for the booked slot. But of course if you want a bouncy castle as well…no problem…but we advise you let the castle down for the first it’s difficult for an entertainer to compete with the noise and distraction of a castle.

What areas do you cover?

We have entertainers that cover Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent

Can I tip?

Of course! It’s a great boost to the entertainer and they know they have done a good job for you!

Can the Princesses sing?

Our Princesses come mostly from musical theatre backgrounds. The princesses will always sing..some with the track behind if they are not strong singers..other can sing to the instrumental!

Do you do face painting?

Some of our princesses can face paint simple designs. As they are running a party this could only be done at small parties and during the food.

What happens if my Princess cancels last minute?

Yes this is dreadful and rarely happens.. Perfect Princess Parties will endeavour to find a last minute replacement in this event.

Where can I host my party?

The venues for parties vary to include your own home, community centre and other suitable locations.
Although the arrival to your chosen venue will be planned within the timescales that we have agreed, should your princess carriage encounter any unforeseen delays on the day of your party she will telephone you to advise with revised time of arrival.

How many children can be invited?

Depending on where the party will be held we suggest for a one hour appearance that a maximum of 25 children. To ensure that all children are totally included during the party, a second princess will be required if larger numbers of children need to be accommodated.

What happens on the party day?

Your chosen princess will arrive before the children, she may be in costume already or change at the venue. If possible please provide a separate changing facility for your princess. Your princess will provide everything that she will need for the entertainment.
Mostly there will be an hours entertainment then a break for food… during this time the princess will be able to mingle with children. The princess can present the cake and sing happy birthday too!

Can boys come to my Princess party?

Of course. Boys attend most of our parties and often choose to dress up as a character of your themed party, or an alternative (pirate seems popular), either way boys enjoy the parties every bit as much as the girls! They want to play the games!

When can I host my party?

We will always endeavour to accommodate the day and time of your party. With weekends being our busiest times we have party times at 11.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00pm, although for week days we can offer more flexibility.

How and When do I pay?

We do not take deposits. The balance is payable a minimum of 7 days prior to the party date. If the balance is not received by the day of your party we do not attend.
If you cancel the party the party we refund in full minus a admin fee of £20. Should you need to postpone the party, an alternative date, subject to availability, can be requested. This must be taken within six months of the original postponement.
Payment is through bank transfer, details are on the booking forms you receive.