Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.

Party Princesses

Princess Anna Party

Princess Anna

Elsa s little sister!..full of fun and joy! She will save Elsa from her ice castle and bring her back to her family. Perhaps she will build a snowman too! Enjoy an Anna princess party ..lots of fab songs and games to play!

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Princess Belle parties

Princess Belle Party

The selfless princess that lives with the beast. She falls in love with him and changes his mean ways! He turns into a handsome prince and they live happlily ever after!

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Cinderella parties

Cinderella Party

Cinderella you are as lovely as your name, Cinderella you are a sunset in a flame, Though you are dressed in rags, you wear a queenly grace Anyone can see a throne is your proper place. Book a magical Cinderella party today!

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Ariel party

Ariel Princess

An Ariel princess party , an under water adventure! Ariel wants to be human and marry her prince! Will it come true for this beautiful watery princess?

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Ballet party

Sleeping Beauty Ballerina Party

Look at Cinderellas new dress!..she has had a magical make over!…but will she still lose her crystal shoe and marry the handsome prince?! New Cinderella princess parties available now!

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Sofia the first party

Sofia The First Party

Ah! Sweet Sofia! You were in the village doing alright.. Then you became a princess over night!! Now you are swishing around Enchancia in the Kings palace! You have a cool magic Amulate, your best friend is Clover the Rabbit Andalusia slightly mean sister Amber! But what fantastic adventures you have!

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Elsa party

Icy Elsa

Elsa the Snow Queen is turning everything to ice with!.. She has some good friends though who are going to help her. Anna, Sven, Olaf and kristoff! Don’t worry Elsa everything will thaw out soon!

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Our Tinkerbell Party

Sweet and sassy Tinkerbell! She is a fun little character and is very fond of Pikie dust! She has a best friend in Peter Pan, but watch out for the Pirates!

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Our Snow White Party

Snow white! pure as the driven snow, it’s not fair the wicked queen doesn’t like you! But remember what the magic mirror said! You are the fairest of them all. Least you have your 7 dwarf friends and we keep telling you not to eat the red apple!!

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Sleeping beauty party

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora, named after the dawn, as she bought sunshine to her parents!
The beautiful princess is cursed by the wicked fairy malificentand is destined to fall asleep until her true love wakes her with a kiss!
We love Sleeping beauty parties!

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Our Princess Rapunzel Party

Rapunzel, Rapunzel …let down your hair! Mother locks the beautiful princess in a tower!.. But Rapunzelhas other ideas and escapes with the handsome Flynn Rider! A Rapunzelprincess party is full of fun!

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Rainbow Dash Party

Rainbow dash, what a colourful little pony you are! You are so daring and always upto something fantastic! Every pony in Equestria loves you!

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