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Frozen Party ideas

Frozen Party Ideas

So! Your little one fancies a Frozen party?! We have lots of frozen party  ideas and tips

Free printable Frozen party ideas invitations

Here are some free printable frozen party invitations, click on the image to be taken to the clever site that designed them!


Frozen Party Decorations

To create a frozen winter wonderland stick with hues of blue and turquoise, sliver and icy white. Here a some wonderful ideas, click on the images to get more details!


Frozen Party Food

Look at these Awesome Ideas!

To make your party table look great ..use little carrots the name ..Olaf noses for instance. This is so fun for the children. And will fuel their imaginations and hopefully all your food will get earn up!


Frozen Party Games

Now you have got all the party arrange, her are some Frozen party game ideas.

Snowman games

Wrap a snow man game

Split the group up in to groups of 5 , one child will be made into a snowman the other will wrap them in toilet paper then put a hat, scarf, gloves and big buttons on the front..diary team to complete wins!

Knock Olaf down

Prepare some boxes in 3 different sizes, wrap in white paper and mark up as Olaf….children take turn to knock him down with a bean bag.

Eat an Olaf

A little a activities during he party food ..use marsh mellow cocktail sticks and make loafs..can use icing to decorate him.

Snowball Treasure Hunt

Before the party hide lots of cotton balls around the party area. When it’s time for the game gather the guests and tell them that there has been snow hidden around the party. Then let the party guests search for the cotton balls. For fun you can have special cotton balls that are colored blue and the guests that find them are rewarded a bigger prize. After all the snowballs have been collected let the partygoers turn them in for small prizes or candy.

Blizzard Game

Teams race to move their “snow” from one side of the room and back. For each team you will need cotton balls, ping pong balls or large foam peanuts and a broom. (Ping pong balls are the most fun! Make sure each player has to move at least 3 at a time … the more you add the crazier it gets! ) Give each team the same number of items of “snow” and a broom and have them one at a time race to the other side of the room and back while herding their “snow” with the broom. This game works best on a floor with a hard surface such as wood or tile. If the kids are older set up a fan at the opposite end of the playing field to make it more challenging. The first team with all members completing the task wins.

Pin the nose on olaf