Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.

Our Princess Rapunzel Party

Rapunzel Party

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Will you please let down your hair. Mother Gothel want to come and see you!..she has your favourite food!..hazelnut soup!! Oh dear poor Rapunzel! awful being stuck in a tower all your life, but you have got your friend Pascal to keep you company! Don’t worry The handsome Flynn Ryder is coming, he will set you free!
Let you hair down!’s party time!!
This party is designed for 3-7 yrs


Rapunzel our happy fun princess will greet your guests and enchant them. She will swirl around in her big purple satin dress!
She will gather the children and have a little get together session, singing happy birthday and telling some of her story. She will play circle games like rapunzel, Rapunzel, pascal

Prince and Princess Lessons

Rapunzel wants everyone to come and see her tower!...but they can’t go until they have practiced being perfect prince (or superheroes)and Princesses. Better listen to Rapunzel. She will show you how to act like a proper princess!

Magical Mini Adventure

Rapunzel is taking everyone off to the tower in the woods..!…it’s a bit of a trek! Better put on our warm clothes. Hope we all find some palace horses to ride along the way and no one gets lost! Lots of fun game to play along the lost in the woods, , tower limbo, what’s the time Mother Gothel? and princess footsteps!

Rapunzel party performance

Once all the royal children arrive at her very tall tower, Rapunzel will sing a princess song with actions for them all!..we hope they all enjoy it!

Time to eat!!

Rapunzel is so much fun! She loves the Conga! just enough time to snake our way to the Birthday Feast Table! Rapunzel will happlily chat to all her fairies and pirates and will present the Birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to the most important Princess of all!

Royal ball

Rapunzel will teach the kids a simple waltz and play lots of dancing games like tangled towers and musical bumps. Our 2 hour parties also have pass the parcel too!


Rapunzel can also bring her favourite craft activity along, crown or tiara making, we have swords for the boys! (This is an extra cost £1.75 per child)

Royal Finale

Sadly the Rapunzel  party is almost over! But not before we crown our special birthday girl on our Rapunzel throne (velvet over a chair!) she will present a sparkly crystal crown and all the prince and princess will say their royal oath! They may even practice their royal bows and curtesy!

Then alas Rapunzel must go and live happily ever after with Flynn Ryder back at the palace…. but she leaves behind some fun memories!

Rapunzel Facts

  • Her hair has healing powers
  • Rapunzel is 18years old, Flynn Ryder is 26.
  • Rapunzels hair is 80 feet long with 100000 strands of hair
  • Rapunzel is the only princess with Green eyes!