Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.

Sleeping Beauty

Oh Aurora!. Life started out so promising in the royal castle, your parents were king and Queen and you had 3 adorable fairies to look after you. Shame the wicked fairy Malicifent put a spell on you!!!

Don’t go near a spinning wheel…
That was all you had to do!…but alas you did and you pricked your finger and fell asleep! Lucky a handsome prince happened by to fall in love with you and wake you up with a kiss!
Wake up sleepy head! It’s  Sleeping Beauty party time!!
This Sleeping Beauty  party is designed for 3-7 yrs


Sleeping Beauty our lovely pink princess will greet your guests and enchant them. She will swirl around in her big pink satin dress!
She will gather the children and have a little get together session, singing happy birthday and telling some of her story. She will play circle games like merryweather, merryweather, Malicifent

Prince and Princess Lessons

Aurora wants everyone to wake up and come to the palace!...but they can’t go until they have practiced being perfect prince (or superheroes)and Princesses. Better listen to Sleeping beauty. She will show you how to act like a proper princess!

Magical Mini Adventure

Aurora is taking everyone off to the palace in the woods..!’s a bit of a trek! Better put on our warm clothes. Hope we all find some palace horses to ride along the way and no one gets lost! Lots of fun game to play along the lost in the woods, , palace limbo, what’s the time Malicifent and princess footsteps!

Aurora party performance

Once all the royal children arrive at the palace , Arurora will sing a princess song with actions for them all!..we hope they all enjoy it!

Time to eat!!

At Sleeping Beauty Parties we love to Conga! just enough time to snake our way to the Birthday Feast Table! Sleeping Beauty will happily chat to all her fairies and pirates and will present the Birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to the most important fairy of all!

Royal Sleeping Beauty Party Ball

Aurora will teach the kids a simple waltz and play lots of dancing games like Aurora statues and musical bumps. Our 2 hour parties also have pass the parcel too!


Aurora can also bring her favourite craft activity along, crown or tiara making, we have swords for the boys! (This is an extra cost £1.75 per child)

Royal Finale

Sadly the party is almost over! But not before we crown our special birthday girl on our Aurora throne (velvet over a chair!) she will present a sparkly crystal crown and all the prince and princess will say their royal oath! They may even practice their royal bows and curtesy!

Then alas Aurora must go and live happily ever after with her prince back at the palace…. but she leaves behind some fun memories!

Sleeping Beauty facts

  • Aurora means sunrise or dawn in Latin
  • She is the second princess to be saved by a true loves kiss
  • Princess aurora alias is Brier Rose
  • Her dress is changed constantly from blue to pink by the fairies.