Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.

Princess party tips

Princess party tips and ideas

The time has arrived…your little girl wants a princess party!!, don’t a panic!..we are here to help. We have lots of Princess party tips and ideas to help with the big day.

A princess party is a great make-believe and dressing up occasion!! Think gold and silver, jewels and gems – the more bling that’s in evidence, the better. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Leftover fabric, some balloons and Christmas-tree lights will go a long way towards turning the most ordinary room into a fairytale royal palace.

Prince and princess party invitations

Prince and princess-themed party invitations are widely available to buy, down load for free, or you can make it a little project to make them with your kids!

Princess Party Decorations

How to decorate? A little effort here really creates the magic for the kids and transports them to a fairytale land.
Decorating a home is much easier …hanging balloons, Pom poke etc…. A hall is a bit trickier, blow up lots of balloons in the themed colours ….giant cardboard can be made and painted into a castle. Hire a themed back drop or life size princess cutouts. Crepe streamers are good at doorways and make sure the birthday table looks awesome! It’s also nice to decorate the the present table. Give it a netted frill and fairy lights. Frame pictures of the princess characters to put on the table. Add toys and princess props to make it fun and appealing!

Have a separate themed cake or sweet table …the chi,seen could help themselves to the cakes or the weeks could be a pick and mix for the party favour at the end.

Decorate chair backs with fabric, ribbons, or tinsel. Whatever you do,

make sure the party prince or princess has the fanciest decorations, as well as a plump velvet cushion, on their “throne”.

Princess party games

Give traditional party games a royal twist. Play Pin the Tail on the Dragon/the Jewel on the Tiara, Musical Thrones, or The Queen Says (instead of Simon Says).

Hide gold chocolate coins around the house or garden. Tell the children that someone has stolen all the king’s gold, and send them off on a treasure hunt.

Hand out prizes for the Best Dressed Prince and Princess. If you think other guests may get upset, you can include extra categories, too, such as Most Sparkly, Bravest Looking, or Most Original.

Cut out a fancy mirror frame from a large sheet of white card. Ask each guest to pose inside the frame for a royal photograph.
Prince and princess party bags