Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.

Ariel Party Ideas

Ariel Party Ideas

Have an under-the-sea splish splash Princess Party that feels like a fairy tale. Here are just a few suggestions for a Little Mermaid Party ! The under the sea theme is full of colour and fun!..and it’s great for boys too…. surely there should be a few pirates!

Little Mermaid Party Invitation Ideas

Children love Ariel’s underwater adventures, so make sure the birthday girl’s shoal of friends are invited in an eye catching way! With our Little Mermaid party invitation ideas, your guests will want to catch a wave and swim on over.

Free downloadable Little mermaid party invitations.

Check this lovely invitation out!…you will find it on the Disney site to download for free!..perfect!

Look at these oceantastic free party invitations on them to take you to the talented people who designed them!

The Sea Party Decorations

A Little mermaid party is full of great colours, purples, greens, golds, silvers, reds, yellows, blues and turquoise. It’s such a fun theme! We have a few clever ideas for decorations.

Look at these fun floating jellyfish—so easy to make and will bring the seaside to your venue! Colour an upside down paper bowl and glue matching ribbons and colour paper to the underside then add googly eyes.

Look at these Jelly fish from

Made from lanterns and crepe paper..brilliant! Also check out their lantern fish!

It’s easy to vestoon your party table with all the ready available Ariel themes plates, cups and napkins. It’s always looks fabulous…. But here are some extra touches to make the table even more special! Click on the pictures to go through to the clever people who came up with these ideas!

Party Food!

Ariel Party Games

Now for the watery wonderland of fun to begin!

Catch Ariel!
In this little mermaid game all the mermaids and neptunes are magically turned into the sea witches and wizards!….they have to stop Ariel escaping the ocean! But Ariel has a few guards to help her too!

To play you’ll need an adult volunteer to be Ariel. Most of the kids will be the sea witches and a few will be guards! You will need some soft sponge balls ..the aim is to hit Ariel …if they do she freezes ..and so does everyone else …one guard will have the sweet bag and give the hitter a sweet..but! It’s not that way because Ariel’s guards will try to stop her being hit ..and if a guard is hit the the hitter becomes a guard too!. Son the guards will out number the sea witches and wizards ..the winner is the last sea witch!

A fun twist on pass the parcel. Along with the parcel pass an Little mermaid toy around….When the music stops the mermaid caught holding the toy must do a little forfeit.

  • Starfish jump
  • Sing
  • Puff your cheeks out like a blow fish
  • Do mermaid twirls.

Follow Flounder

Pick a Flounder and the rest make a line behind..put on some fun music like..Under da Sea…then everyone copies flounder as they snake around the room!..change the lead child a few times!

Merry Mermaid Says –

This is the game simple Simon says but it’s just that you have a mermaid or a pirate! For example, if the Mermaid says “Merry Mermaid Says pat your head”, all kids should then pat their heads. If the Mermaid just says pat your head no one should do any thing!

Mermaids and Pirates

A simple catch game, with safe zones, which can be hoopla hoops…you can either have an adult pirate with a toy cutlass chasing everyone..or split the group into pirates and mermaids ..if a child is caught they become a pirate too!
Have a great Little Mermaid Party!