Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.

Rapunzel Party Ideas

Anyone who has watched Tangled will know what a fun Princess Rapunzel is! Your little party goers will get all tangled up in the fun of the day! Here are some super Rapunzel Party themed ideas to help you plan the party.

Free Printable Party Invitations

Here are a few nice free printable invitations for your Rapunzel party. Click on the image to take you to the clever site that designed them

Rapunzel Party invitation
Rapunzel party invitations

Rapunzel Party Decoration Ideas

For a Rapunzel Party you are going to need a colour pallet of pinks, purples, yellow and , golds. You will definitely need to get your yellow wool out and start plaiting! Here are some ideas, the image will take you to the website of the designer for more information.

Rapunzel Party decoration ideas
Rapunzel Party decorations
Rapunzel party decoration ideas
Rapunzel Party decoration ideas

Rapunzel Party Food

Here are some nice ideas for the pretty table and Rapunzel food

Tower cake
Rapunzel party cake

Rapunzel Party games and Ideas

Now! Let the kids get all tangled up in some fun games. Look at these love,y ideas to keep them all entertained.

Colour your own wanted poster

You wil need some colouring pictures of a Flynn Ryder poster or Rapunzel pictures, lots of markers and stickers ..and there you go! ..a little activity!..great for some down time half way through a party.

Where is Pascal?

A simple game of hide and seek…great for house parties, give them the run of the house and garden!

Pin The Tail on Maximus

Draw a pic of Maximus on some card, have some wool as the tail and blind fold each child to have a go at finding the right spot for his tail!

Whats the time mother Gothel?

The goal of the game is to follow a course invented by the leader, ormother Goethel until “dinner time.” At dinner time, the players try to run back to base without being tagged by the witch

At the Party:

  • Find a spot to be the base.
  • Select one player to be mother Gothel
  • All of the other players should line up, single file, behind mother Gothel
  • Once everyone is lined up, the leader starts walking and everyone follows. The leader invents a course with actions such as hopping on one foot for 15 feet, climbing over a tree stump, etc.
  • As the players go through the leader’s course, they should keep asking him/her “What time is it?”
  • Mother can answer however he/she wants, calling out times like “One O’clock” or “Two O’clock.”
  • When the leader finally decides to respond with “Dinner Time!” the other players turn and run back to base.
  • Mother chases the others, trying to tag a player.
  • The first player tagged becomes the leader for the next round.