Perfect Princess Parties for perfect little princesses.


We want your child and their friends to have the best possible time at their party.
For that to happen it’s good if you are aware of the following:

The lead party practitioner will conduct the party in costume. The princess entertainer may need somewhere to change into her costume just before the start. Please invite all the children to come dressed in the party theme costume. Adults are welcome to dress up also!

Perfect Princess Party Practitioners are solely entertainers for this event and the client is responsible for the wellbeing and in the unlikely event of any disruptivebehaviorof the children attending the party, the party organiser will be responsible for those children. This enables the party practitioner to carry on with the rest of the children.

The client must provide the correct and safe space in which to carry out our work to best effect, we need a safe space suitable in size for the number of children invited. Remember there will be movement and games.
The party practitioner will conduct the party from the start time agreed to the finish time agreed, no earlier or later.
We will need prior advice on the exact number of children attending to aid our party preparation.25 is usually the max number of children…anything over will require an assistant unless otherwise agreed

Perfect Princess parties are specifically designed to cater for the age of the birthday child; therefore, while younger and older siblings and friends are welcome to join in the party the party will not be aimed at their ages..but every effort will be made to make the party relevant for everyone.

In some of our parties we use minimal face paints and light make up such as lip gloss and glitter. Please advise us if any parent has an objection to having their child’s face painted and the party organizer must obtain consent from the other parents, we assume consent has been sought by the party organizer.

If the party has a craft element then this is not suitable for under3s and the entertainer is not responsible for their supervision. The party organiser must provide an area for crafts which will not damage or mark surfaces. We accept no liability for any damaged left by the craft activities.

We accept no liability in the unlikely event of a party being cancelled by us or an entertainer is late…in these unusual circumstances we always do our best to rectify the situation, but sometimes it is not possible.

If a party is cancelled by you, you will receive a full refund, we do not keep deposits.

Our parties do not always follow the same format, and not always the same props are used and we not refund if certain activities are not performed.Our entertainers always do their best to provide the parties to the format but on occasions they do vary according the a particular entertainers strengths, time available and interests of the children

In our experience the parents chatter affects the party. If that is the case we respectively ask the organizer to help with the noise levels if they are getting too loud for the entertainer to rise above! Your entertainer will however carry on and focus on the children. Parents/Guardians are required to stay in the room for parties for the Under 3s and we encourage them to join in the fun!

The main party practitioner will arrive approx 20-30 mins prior to the commencement of your party.If they are late for any reason they will make up the time

We require full payment in advance of the party to reserve your party slot.
Please note: Full payment must be received before the party unless otherwise agreed! We do not attend the party if payment is not received in advanced.
And a party is not booked until the booking forms have been received.

If you have any comments on our parties, please do drop us a line on We welcome your feedback!

Once the party is booked and paid for we will contact you a few days before the party to confirm all the arrangements if you do have any other questions about the party please get in touch. We encourage you in the unlikely event you haven’t heard from us to contact us too the week prior.